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Electric Vehicle Charging at Sawmill 


In support of Sawmill’s sustainability initiatives. There are several stations in the front of the resort to be used for EV charging.



General Usage Rules & Regulations

  • Charging your EV at Sawmill is on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Vehicles parked in an EV charging space must be actively charging.

  • There is an 8-hour daily limit.

  • A charge of $20 per day must be paid at the gatehouse before charging

  • Guests will receive a key to their charging box and will be responsible for locking and returning the key when they are finished.

  • No EV may be charged at any other site or electric post on the property. This includes the guest’s personal site.


Quick Facts

  • Sawmill is not responsible for any damage that may occur

  • Any guest found charging their vehicle outside of the designated EV charging area will be fined $50 per occurrence.


     Charging stations are conveniently located through the security gates and next to the Sawmill Guard Station.




 We are extremely excited to offer this service to our members and we thank you for visiting Sawmill.

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